Monday, May 3, 2010

Our New Digs

Here are some pictures of our new, more permanent home! It is a work-in-progress and will take time filling the condo with furniture, (we did not bring one piece of furniture from the states) but we love it! It has 3 bedrooms, 4 if you want to consider the 6 X 8ft bomb shelter where live-in maids typically live, 2 1/2 bathrooms, a balcony patio with an amazing view of one of the pools on the property. There are 2 huge pools (every apartment complex in Singapore has massive infinity pools, we were constantly amazed!), tennis courts, a sky gym, BBQ pits, and beautiful landscaping all over the property. We love it!

Some functionalities about Singapore apartments that are different from what we are used to:
  • NO outlets in the bathroom. I have only blow dried my hair about 3 times the entire time we have been here because it is pretty much pointless considering the ridiculous humidity, but it's pretty annoying when you have to go out in your bedroom and do it. Oh and go out to the bedroom to get your electric toothbrush.

  • Light switches outside of the bathroom. Although this makes it fun when Basil is in the bathroom!

  • Turning on the hot water heater at least 10 minutes before you take a shower. This is more frustrating than you think when all you want to do is hop in the shower that very second.

  • No dishwashers.

  • Almost everything we have bought has a different electrical plug so we have to have an adapter in every outlet.

  • All of the walls are concrete so that made it really fun to hang pictures.

  • No central air. Every room has its own air conditioner. Less convienent, but much more energy efficient.
Despite all of these 'inconveniences,' we love our place and are so excited to have visitors! We have plenty of room!

maid quarters bathroom

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